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Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend… back to work tomorrow :P

Since I’ve been out of the loop that past couple of days, here is a small photo recap of some of the food I’ve been eating. Some healthy and some well… not so healthy. All in moderation though!




IMG_0815The basis of my breakfast meals have been fruit and some sort of protein – greek yogurt or peanut butter. I’ve been obsessed with mango lately!

I used to be heavy on toast, english muffins and other various grains for breakfast however I have learned that this holds me over just the same.


IMG_0813Enough said! I have been loving this salad lately, for both lunch and dinner. Spring mix, red bell pepper, cucumber, goats cheese and pine nuts topped with Newman’s Own Balsamic dressing. Deeeelish!

I met a friend for lunch on Thursday at a local burger place called The Works and had the best turkey burger I’ve ever had!

IMG_0828This restaurant has a menu FULL of gourmet burgers. Some of my favourite toppings (that I would never get) – Kraft Dinner and Peanut butter! Mine was a little less exciting labeled “Plain Jane” – ground turkey (fresh, no additives!), lettuce, dill pickle and ketchup on a whole wheat bun. I paired it with their Spring salad with balsamic dressing. So flavourful!

My water even came in a measuring cup – how unique!


The theme for dinner this past week has been restaurant foods. I met with two girlfriends on Wednesday night at Kelseys. We each had a Caesar (yum!) and then shared their famous Spinach dip. We each had a few pieces and half was left on the table when we left.

IMG_0818For my meal I ordered the Flatbread Bruchetta and ate about a quarter of it. It was very good, but also VERY VERY salty!

IMG_0819Naturally, Sara and Ash wanted me to give them their blog debut so here it is -

Sarah ordered the buffalo chicken and sweet potato fries…

IMG_0820Ash had the Asian stir fry that I talked about in an earlier post.

IMG_0821We talked into the wee hours of the night evening and then went our separate ways. Sara is a bridesmaid in my wedding however I haven’t seen Ash since our days at Fanshawe College (about 3 years). While we keep in touch through Facebook, it was really good to catch up in person. :)

Most of you know that I work in a spa as an esthetician on Saturdays. I have learned the hard way that getting a lunch break, or any break for that matter can sometimes be a trick so I need to remember to sneak in food and water as much as I can throughout the day.

Yesterday I packed some snacks to have in between clients.

IMG_0834Truscuit’s, a couple of hard boiled eggs (I had already eaten one at the time of this photo), a Greek yogurt and some dried mango slices.

My sister was my last client of the day so after work her and I headed to Crabby Joes for some appetizers. What started as just nacho’s (without the ground beef) turned into nacho’s, mozza sticks and antojito’s. The antojito’s sucked (for a lack of better words) so we ate the rest. Not my finest moment, that’s for sure. I think it goes without saying this this was not clean, lean OR green.

IMG_0836My sister and I also had a impromptu girls night that consisted of YouTube videos, Just Dance on Wii and various other random things. We stayed up past midnight which is almost unheard of for me.

That’s it for today – I am going to get ready for the day and then Scott and I have a afternoon matinee date!


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  1. All the food looks so tasty! I have been eating alot of greek yogurt too! What is there not to love about it?!

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